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              Shrubs, Climbers & Hedging

              We stock a range of evergreen and deciduous shrubs, climbers and hedging. Shrubs are particularly versatile, being suited to sitting within borders, as focal points, as hedging or (the smaller varieties) as ground cover. Hedging defines boundaries, whilst climbing plants add vertical interest and can be used to enhance walls, fences, arches and pergolas.

              Choosing Shrubs

              With over 60 varieties of shrub to choose from, there are plenty to suit every garden and gardener. Shrubs are an indispensable part of any garden, providing structure and interest. They can vary in height from less than half a metre to over five metres tall at maturity. For ground covering shrubs, look at the low growing Juniper varieties.

              The features of shrubs and bushes are wonderfully varied, including colourful foliage, beautiful flowers, eye catching bark, bright berries and delicate catkins. Flowering shrubs are capable of glorious colourful displays, whereas evergreen shrubs provide year-round structure and colour. For outstanding winter interest, Cornus shrubs have vibrant stems, Hamamelis produce winter flowers and some Euonymus varieties have autumnal foliage, bright berries and unusual winged bark for plenty of autumn/winter interest.


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